Our Beliefs

Our gallery looks to create a significant, positive experience through its meaningful exhibitions. The issues of modern society are at the forefront of our gallery’s ideals as well as focusing on the positive impact that South Africa has had on the work of artists. One of the major themes carried throughout the gallery is the idea of South African identity. Many of the works display an aspect of cultural, traditional identity and some combine this with the importance of technology in the modern day.

Gender Equality

We encourage our female artists to explore the male South African’s traditional hold of power and superiority over them and flip it on its head with an emotionally and psychologically inspired approach. Art@Africa displays the view of the new South African society. A society in which women use their power to be recognised as the architects of a collaborative non-sexist society. The transparency and vulnerability to speak without boundary is a testament to the bravery South African female artists exude through their steadfast and unapologetic authenticity.

Celebrating Diversity:

For a country that is ever questioning the stereotypical identification they should connect to, we present works that express this changing and evolving idea of cultural and traditional identity. We recognise that artists often are the first to oppose dull binary prejudices like racism, refusing to submit to a false reality of black and white. Any artist will tell you that the moment you have opposites, a kaleidoscope of shifting hues is already present in the continuum tensely separating the two.

Our environment

Art@Africa strongly believe that in this modern, highly connected world, there is an increasing interface between Art and Science. Art can convey messages and articulate emotions that we aren’t able to easily express in words; it therefore transcends cultures, languages and disciplines. Art is the means by which we can reach the millions of humans who choose not to listen to the scientific message that the earth is in peril. Extinction is forever and we must accept that we are an integral part of Nature, and not a superior species. Our role is to understand and work in harmony with Nature, not to conquer it.

Highlighting Positives in SA

Archbishop Desmond Tutu famously described post-apartheid South Africa as the ‘Rainbow Nation’ after its first fully democratic election in 1994. The metaphor was coined to celebrate the coming together of all of the different individuals who live in South Africa. At Art@Africa we hold this metaphor in our roots, we believe the ‘Rainbow Nation’ has made way for an outburst of artistic talent in our country. The new and free generation culture comes from a very diverse background. They now finally have the freedom to freely express themselves and this is depicted strongly in the way artists can now create with no boundaries.

Meaningful Writing

Art@ Africa sees particular importance in the power of art and the meaningfulness of language. We believe through understanding the history of art, its origins and its meaning, we are able to express its importance to our audience. Putting the meaning of art into words allows individuals to become emotionally connected to art and opens up a world that is often considered intimidating and unreachable. By allowing our passion and understanding of art to depict our writing we are able to voice the artist’s visual image and narrate an idea that may otherwise have been overlooked.

Skills and Quality matter

Our art is selected on the bases whereby artists’ works are authentic to their conceptuality. A key sight is to have artwork where the quality of materiality and artist’s technical exploration of their art is aligned with their subject matter. By checking foundry stocks and production methods we are able to use only the finest grade of bronze for our artists. This attention to detail is furthered in our framing. Our artworks are mounted on top of acid free museum board using archival framing methods. Dirk uses his 31 years of art experience to not only select the most talented artists but simultaneously to run and organise the gallery in accordance to international business standards.

Investment Value

Our impresario and his team of experts have been working together with artists for several decades and have the experienced eye to find diamonds in the rough and the next big thing. We guide young artists from an artistic, financial, legal point of view as well as fabrication and production. Collectibles have become a natural part of wealth manager’s service. With global wealth increasing transparency and trust, the art market is becoming increasingly popular within the financial industry.


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