Marke Meyer

Artist Biography

Marke is a sculptor, photographer, and a multi-media artist. He was born in Kokstad and spent his childhood in the mountains of Lesotho. Having studied BSc Agric. (Hort) and graduating in 1987, he then opened his own wholesale nursery business which he ran successfully for eighteen years.
Throughout these years he studied art privately and with his growing success as an artist, he was finally able to sell the horticultural business and set out on a career as a full-time artist. Marke is a poet who abandoned the pen and paper in exchange for space itself, he now uses sculpture to create his unique, quirky concoction of ‘visual poetry’.
Figures fascinate Marke, especially the female form. His art gravitates towards the nude figure as it is free of context allowing for an open-ended expression of abstract concepts and emotions.
Marke’s pieces have travelled abroad to North America, Central America, South America, United Kingdom, Europe, Israel, Poland, New Zealand, and Australia.

Artist Statement

‘The figure, metaphoric in every sense, describes a state of mind, or more often the projection of ‘mind’ into a space removed…a mind-space perhaps. This is a comfortable, magical space without restraint or restriction. The human body, ether in frenetic movement or caught at rest, remains my only playground.’


Marke Meyer
Marke Meyer
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