Artist Biography

Barney Bernardo, born and raised in Germiston, South Africa.
Barney Bernardo has been painting for many years, experimenting with oils and acrylics. He has recently been fascinated with the process of creating backgrounds of colour and movement and allowing the result to speak to him, to reveal the images "within".

He studies the colour kaleidoscope for days before allowing it to guide him in the images to be emphasised. Many images are hidden and only seen after studying the painting for some time.

Each painting is composed from three metres away, viewing and then moving in to help visualise and reveal the images therein.

Inspiration: The artworks in Barney Bernardo's current body of work are all inspired by his travels in the city of Georgia, located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, and bounded to the West by the Black Sea.

Artist Statement

 ‘’Paint is the best medium by which to drag the soul out of an artist’’


Barney Bernardo
Barney Bernardo
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