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Holding Our Space

The notion of isolation and being with oneself pushes us to render our thoughts on existentialism. How do we engage with the feeling of being forced to be in one place? The mind becomes a room that...

Arbor Oneirica

The title is old Latin and encapsulates both artists’ works’ mysticism. Arbor means tree. Additionally forests and plant life have held an integral role with humanity where dendrology has featured...

So Much Talent In Our Country

Art@Africa’s represented artists join for a group exhibition opening on the 13th February 2020 and the official launch of our Art@Africa book with our artists signing. Art@Africa look forward to ...

Weapons of Mass Seduction

Art@Africa will be celebrating women’s month on the 8th of August by bringing you a woman’s group exhibition, ‘Weapons of Mass Seduction’ which will include a selection of Art@Africa artists and f...

Turbine Art Fair 2019

Art@Africa will be exhibiting a collection of their represented artists in the Turbine Art Fair on the 11th - 14th of July in Johannesburg. Artists exclusive to Art@Africa which are participating ...

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