Dirk & Henk

The Art@ company is owned by Dirk Durnez, Belgium’s Advisor Economic Diplomacy and founder of the Cape Chamber of Commerce alongside Henk Van Aswegen, attorney, developer and businessman.

Art@Africa invests time and enthusiasm in young artists , offering them a platform to work from ,introduces up and coming artists into the market and works with both established and new artists to exhibit cross pollination of both established and new artists of South African Talent . 

Henk Van Aswegen  - Legal and Financial Advice

Through his work on an international basis, Henk Van Aswegen states that “ thanks to our extensive network we connect South African Talent with Local and international investors. “

Dirk Durnez - Imagineer and Impresario

Having worked alongside artists for numerous years, Dirk Durnez has the talent to recognise good art and the ability to find and unlock promising emerging artists.


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