Artists: Why Join Us?

We are about honest art. We are unpretentious. We believe that art belongs to everyone, not just a happy few. We want to share our wonderful and rich South African Art with the world and that only works by removing all barriers.

This does not mean we only present cheap, easy-on-the- eye or popular art. We challenge ourselves to communicate and to create meaningful and memorable art experiences in our gallery, our exhibitions and our online presence to touch the souls of our audience.

We invest in our artists and our art@brand through marketing, financial and legal expertise, 31 years international experience in creating museums and edutainment centres, time and enthusiasm. This is all invested into young and established artists, displaying them amongst the crème de la crème to create an atmosphere of intertwined new and established talent.

What We Look For:

Art@Africa invests time and enthusiasm in young artists , offering them a platform to work from, introduces up and coming artists into the market and works with both established and new artists to exhibit cross pollination of both established and new artists of South African Talent.

Our art is selected on the bases whereby artists’ works are authentic to their conceptuality. A key sight is to have artwork where the quality of materiality and artist’s technical exploration of their art is aligned with their subject matter.

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