Artist Biography 
Brendon Edwards was born in Johannesburg in 1970 and spent his formative years in Zimbabwe. He later moved back to South Africa where he was educated at Michaelhouse in the Natal Midlands.
After matriculating, Edwards went on to study Philosophy and Logic, and The Philosophy of Aesthetics at university. To this day, his work draws from this knowledge, visually articulating a continuation along these lines and a conflation of later influences. An overriding aim of his work is to take complicated subjects (both visible and invisible) and represent them as a simple aesthetic form.
As an abstract artist, Edwards is reluctant to reduce, explain or justify his work in absolute terms. The artist recognises that the world is devoid of meaning, and that any meaning individuals attach to a ‘thing’, experience and/or idea, is subjective. Consequently, any absolutes he may propound might limit or exaggerate his work and do an injustice to it or the imagination/meaning of the viewer. There is a corollary in abstraction as within our universe; it leaves the unexplained- unexplained. Notwithstanding, discussed below are some thoughts and influences of his work.




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