Artist Biography

Lwando Lunika was born in Port Elizabeth, formally known as Gqeberha. Located in the province of Eastern Cape. He is a young and largely self-taught artist though he studied at Masifunde Learner Development under the guidance of the emerging prolific artist, Banele Njdayi. Lwando as an artist prefers using Pencil and Charcoal. His recent exploration is Collage and Paint.

His work inspires and expresses everyday’s self-thoughts that one keeps within, such as depression, suicidal thoughts, anger, and low self-esteem. The purpose is the significance of man being vocal when it comes to freedom of expression in a positive and beneficial manner. Lwando believes that serving peace and happiness starts in fighting the man in the mirror and the conflict between the heart and consciousness. Thus, generating the world of free spirited beings. His work inspires young people in his community, and it has created the legacy of young people practicing art in his community.

Lwando has no formal training or education in Arts, as he always attends art educational workshops and programmes held in art galleries around Port Elizabeth, such as the GFI Spring School of Arts, The Sketchbook programme, etc. annually. Improving his skills and knowledge by visiting Libraries and taking tutorials online.



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