Keneiloe Mpho Mazibuko or more casually known as Mpho, is a young black South African artist. Mpho was Born in Soweto in April 1998 and grew up in Johannesburg South, Rosettenvile. She has studied fine arts at the university of Johannesburg, receiving an honours in visual arts. Mpho is a full-time artist currently residing in Cape Town.

Mpho’s art journey began through her fervent devotion to the art of storytelling commenced during her formative years when she delved into the world of online forums as a young child, honing her ability to craft narratives. Simultaneously, she embarked on a self-guided journey to master the crafts of drawing, sculpting, and painting, instilling a lifelong passion for the arts.

This ardour for artistic expression truly blossomed as she pursued formal art education throughout high school and university. Her creative odyssey revolves around the profound art of storytelling and the delicate art of capturing narratives. Inspired by her unique vantage point, dwelling amidst her family's informal settlements, her Turffontein neighbourhood, and Rosettenvile, in addition to her connections to Soweto where her extended family resides, she embarked on an extraordinary quest into orphanages, allies, box home, neighbours or wherever she is welcomed. She interviews family members, friends, neighbours, and the people she encounters in her daily life, skilfully weaving their stories into her artistic tapestry.

Through this intimate process, she has learned to perceive individuals beyond the confines of their social labels. What was once 'the average thief' emerged as a man whose spirit had been broken by an abusive father. The 'cleaning lady' transformed into a mother, bearing the weight of a complex and poignant past. And the child, now recognized as the harbinger of imagination, assumed the role of a teacher, bestowing wisdom and creativity upon the world. In this way, her artistic journey has become a testament to the transformative power of understanding and empathy."

Mpho perceives her artistic endeavours as a profound narrative, akin to a poetic lens through which she peers into the lives of her subjects. Works like 'The Songs of the Bedwetters' or 'Idlu' are intricate tapestries woven with threads of humanity, trauma, and the invaluable chance to listen to the voices that dwell in the shadows of our encounters. Through her craft, she has evolved into a storyteller who weaves together diverse narratives, offering viewers a sanctuary in which they can connect and empathize with the amalgamation of tales she brings to life.

During her creative process, Mpho habitually engages with her subjects on a

profound level. She immerses herself in their narratives, allowing them to unfurl their innermost sentiments, thoughts, desires, and aspirations. Frequently, she lends an attentive ear to the symphony of their emotions, seeking to fathom their essence to depict it with reverence and grace. The assemblage of recycled materials acts as a canvas upon which she crafts the tapestry of their stories. 

Mpho is inspired by exploring and unearthing untold narratives, those often overshadowed by the mainstream media or excluded from everyday discourse, has become the heart and soul of her creative quest. These are the stories that   reside on the periphery of our collective awareness, waiting to be discovered, cherished, and given voice.  

Artists which Mpho admires and inspires her creative process are Mary Sibande, Lebohang Kganye and Tahlia Stanton.  

Mpho considers her work honest poetry and honestly just wants people to feel the weight of stories and inspiration beyond just having her art pieces.

Mpho feels most motivated and resonates with is “I sat, I heard and I gave”


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