Art@Africa will be celebrating women’s month on the 8th of August by bringing you a woman’s group exhibition, ‘Weapons of Mass Seduction’ which will include a selection of Art@Africa artists and female artists across South Africa. The exhibition commentates on women’s voices of liberation and strength. The opening of the exhibition ‘Weapons of Mass Seduction’ will take place at 6:30pm at Art@Africa with a live band, wine and canapes.

Women are perceived as fragile and are placed in stereotypical boxes which dictate their roles, influence their physical appearance and affect their mental and emotional well-being. This being said, these dynamics effect woman and their choices to either self-liberate or be an affect and change their identity. This exhibition explores this discourse.

The male gaze has always been an incredibly important aspect of Art History and Art@Africa hope to flip this on its head by offering women the chance to impart the female gaze onto their male subject.Many male South Africans traditionally hold the view of power and superiority over their women, yet Art@Africa hope to display the view of the new South African society. A society in which women use their power to be recognised as the architects of society. The ‘Weapons of Seduction’ exhibition hopes to draw attention to the game of seduction and the way women have been using their strengths to be in control of society despite their fragile appearance.

The exhibition will display a selection of individually created works by prominent South African female only artists of which some are Ronit Judelman, Mine Kleynhans, Nadine Froneman, Judy Woodborne, Maureen Quin, Elizavetha Rukavishnikova, Leanne Olivier, Sinead Fletcher, Trude Gunter, Zelda Straud, Lauren Redman, Leona Sykes, Andrea du Plessis, Caelyn Robertson, May Wentworth, Mandy Coppes-Martin, Izanne Wiid, Tay Dall, Louise Kritzinger, Eve de Jong, Suzaan Heyns, Bev Butkow, Shui- Lyn White, Kara Schoeman, Jenny Nijenhuis and  Alexa Pienaar.The team have also work closely with a number of artists to create an artistic response installation that is not to be missed.

We look forward to welcoming you to our empowering opening of ‘Weapons of Mass Seduction’, and encourage all women looking to turn the patriarchy around, to come along to our life drawing evenings and express your inner creativity in an exceptional gallery space.

Stay tuned in to our social media platforms to keep up to date with the preparations for ‘Weapons of Mass Seduction’ and what Art@Africa have in store for you.


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