Art@Africa will be exhibiting a collection of their represented artists in the Turbine Art Fair on the 11th - 14th of July in Johannesburg.
Artists exclusive to Art@Africa which are participating in the Turbine Art Fair 2019 are David Griessel, Gregg Price, Maureen Quin, Talita Steyn, Barney Bernardo, Eben, Ndabuko Ntuli, Kara Schoeman, Kobus Walker, Lauren Redman and Marke Meyer.
Our youngest artist is aged 22 to oldest being 85. Griessel communicates the language of an animated parallel universe where themes of the travelling nomad, displacement, alienation, destruction and melancholia. 
Price spontaneously draws mystically constructed expressions in a moment.
Quin emotively sculpts skeletal human forms with her typical stylized clay application where she elongates and creates tension with her wisdom of anatomical displacement.
Steyn, although a painter, sculpts forms inspired by the esoteric which with painted taboo tattoo iconography on them.
Bernardo paints abstract expressions inspired by pseudo-autonomism using only a toothpick which are composed from three meters back.
Eben is self-taught and draws hyper-realist charcoal drawings whereby themes of identity, time and how humans leave marks on the world and each other are explored.
Ntuli, not only a practicing sangoma, is also an artist who creates sculptures using found objects and is inspired by African culture and iconography. Schoeman specializes in interactive video installations, glass and metal sculptures where she casts recycled aluminum artworks.
Walker paints in a neo-impressionistic style of where he remolds South African ‘Pierneef and Tretchikoff’ landscapes to his own indigenous and contemporary context.
Redman primarily is a photographer now exploring hyper-realist painting of banal portraiture.
Meyer creates elegantly composed female bronze casts locked in a moment, from a world known to a world unknown, which are inspired by poetry written by himself.
Eben and Griessel will also be present during the fair with a live performance drawing of their works. There will also be live signing sessions by the artists we represent at this year's fair.
One of the additional rare highlights of our participation is our presentation of an augmented reality artwork which allows art enthusiasts to participate with.
We look forward to seeing our Art@Africa visitors!
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