Worldwide Shipping

Our clients from all over the world enjoy door-to-door shipping, from the gallery to their doorstep.

We pride ourselves on our excellent rates and established relations with reliable couriers. Our logistics team work to ensure your art is insured, crated and shipped seamlessly and in accordance to international shipping standards. Not only does our team make certain that your artwork is wrapped and crated in recyclable material to maintain our company ethos but they provide a central point of contact for client, gallery, artist and transport.

Art Direction

We use our 33 years of international experience in museum design, themed entertainment, design and construction to assist our artists in translating their drawings and paintings into three dimensional sculptures. This is done through illumination, multimedia and augmented artworks and installations. Honouring the intents of the artists, as art directors we are the link between the artists, the prototyping and finally the bronze foundry and art fabricators. We assist clients, architects and interior designers to curate art projects in their venues.

 CAST – Art fabrication

We have 33 years international experience and has been involved in themed fabrication construction projects in 28 countries. Our expertise is to translate fantasy, science, historical and branding stories into 3 dimensional experiences for edutainment centres, museums and science centres. Imagineering is an extreme form of storytelling and requires complete out-of-the-box thinking, orchestrating concurrent design between the architects, engineers, fabrication and installation crews.

The discipline requires experience in design, architecture, interior design, fine arts and all mechanical, electrical and structural engineering. All our large artworks and installations are signed off by a specialized construction engineer.  

We have a vast knowledge about materials and construction so we can guarantee that the artworks, once installed will be forever lasting.

With this experience we are adamant that we can tackle any art project, no matter how large or complicated.


Why Invest In Our Artists

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