Natural Delight by Kobus Walker

This exhibition was inspired by the wide variety of plants, animals, birds and insects of the natural world we live in, how we interact as humans towards all of these elements and how they reflect back. It also takes inspiration from classical artwork like Da Vinci's portrait studies, Vanitas still-lifes from De Hem and landscapes by South African artist Pierneef.

All of these elements are combined and remolded into a new and contemporary narrative. It also takes inspiration from Japanese woodblock printing, where the dark outline and vivid colours create a cartoon-like feel.


Birds also play an important part in this exhibition, as they are a constant reminder of the millions of years of evolution that shaped and formed the wide variety of species living in the world today.The combination of birds with their bright and bold colouring over Vanitas still-lifes adds a new narrative and angle of perception to the artworks. They become a kind of hidden camouflage that surprises.


Vanitas still-lifes is a category of art that aims to show the temporary nature of life, the futility of pleasure and the inevitability of death. Here today, gone tomorrow. The body of work aims to capture a fleeting moment in time and to celebrate all the natural delights still present in the world today.

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