Eben’s Solo exhibition, Breathing Underwater, will open at Art@Africa gallery, Clocktower centre at V&A Waterfront, Silo District, Cape Town on

Thursday 4th July 2024 at 18:00,  till 4 August 2024.


Breathing Underwater tells the story of mankind and nature.

The woman portrayed in the artwork is trapped in an empty underwater scene, not easily recognised unless viewed from up close. Her face is the face of one who knows things, challenging the one in front of the artwork.

In her state of still movement, her garment resembles the beautiful shape and texture of a Betta Slendens fins, lacking the vibrant colours, rather mirroring the heavy truth, in black and white on paper, that the human race has inflicted havoc on our ecosystems. Her knowing eyes seem to recall a memory of being once free and alive, the same way many aquatic species were. 

Chemical pollution is the most common water pollution infiltrating our rivers and streams, resulting in many changes in the aquatic environment, damaging not only their habitats, but negatively impacting the health resulting in behavioural changes.

This artwork portrays our struggling efforts to adapt to the damaging impact we have on our beautiful earth we call home.

With Breathing Underwater, I imploring the viewer to look beyond the beauty of unique fin shapes, vibrant colours, and creative garments, and urge them to see the implications of drying ourselves out by polluting our natural water systems and cutting off our fresh water supplies to accommodate our homes, cities, industries, agricultural spaces and plantations, and our emotional needs.

We are not able to adapt and breathe in different spaces the way Betta’s adapt to breathe in and outside of water. We cannot breathe without air, that is understandable, but try breathing without water, that is impossible.


Show details:

Date:            Thursday, 4th  July 2024

Time:            18h00
Location:      Clocktower Centre, V&A Waterfront, Silo District, Cape Town

Please contact gallery@artatafrica.art for further enquiries.

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