In representing local South African artists, we provide a platform on which extra ordinary talent can be recognized on an international level.

Art@Africa celebrates the diversity of South African art in a world-class venue. The Gallery is situated in the centre of the bustling V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, approximately 120 meters from the Zeitz MOCAA Art Museum

Art@Africa invests time and enthusiasm in young artists , offering them a platform to work from ,introduces up and coming artists into the market and works with both established and new artists.

There are a few elements which are the ‘make-up’ of curating at Art@Africa. Core ingredients are; the selection of art which meets our DNA, how art is exhibited on gallery walls and within its spaces and lastly the handling of art with archival understanding. Exhibiting artwork with an analytical eye where it is given the correct platform is important.

Our gallery looks to create a significant, positive experience through its meaningful exhibitions. The issues of modern society are at the forefront of our gallery’s ideals as well as focusing on the positive impact that South Africa has had on the work of artists. One of the major themes carried throughout the gallery is the idea of South African identity.
Many of the works display an aspect of cultural, traditional identity and some combine this with the importance of technology in the modern day. For a country that is ever questioning the stereotypical identification they should connect to, Art@Africa looks to present works that express this changing and evolving idea as well as display the positivity associated with the cultural infusion of South Africa.
We encourage our female artists to explore the male South African’s traditional hold of power and superiority over them and flip it on its head with an emotionally and psychologically inspired approach. 
Art@Africa displays the view of the new South African society. A society in which women use their power to be recognised as the architects of a collaborative non-sexist society. 
The transparency and vulnerability to speak without boundary is a testament to the bravery South African female artists exude through their steadfast and unapologetic authenticity.

Art@Africa strongly believe that in this modern, highly connected world, there is an increasing interface between Art and Science. 

Art can convey messages and articulate emotions that we aren’t able to easily express in words; it therefore transcends cultures, languages and disciplines. Art is the means by which we can reach the millions of humans who choose not to listen to the scientific message that the earth is in peril.

Extinction is forever and we must accept that we are an integral part of Nature, and not a superior species. Our role is to understand and work in harmony with Nature, not to conquer it.

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