Does Art belong in hospitals? According to Professor Ruud Lapré, Professor Health Care management and Economy and author of many art books, it does.
Professor Lapré, as board member of the Dutch National Health Care committee donates carefully selected artworks to a number of hospitals in The Netherlands. This time, he selected a beautiful artwork from South African artist Kobus Walker ‘Delicious Monster with Chimpanzee “for the lobby of the Alrijne Hospital in Leiderdorp.
“Art Heals, Art unites, Art brings comforts patients and visitors’ Professor Lapré says. He and his wife Marga are perfervid art collectors. Prof Lapré regularly publicises art – books and has been involved in many prestigious art projects in Holland and abroad. Together with Marga, he published ‘ “ 25 Jaar plezier in Kunst “ (25 years of pleasure in Art) about art, experiencing art and collection – management. The book offers an intimate and personal look into the great pleasure that Ruud and Marga take in collecting art. The book, written in an essayistic style , describes how the collection came to fruition and describes the vision behind the collection.
The book is publicised by 99 Uitgevers/Publishers (144 pages, ISBN 978-90-7867066-7, € 22,50).
In this video, professor Lapré and his wife talk about the artwork
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