Art@Africa’s represented artists join for a group exhibition opening on the 13th February 2020 and the official launch of our Art@Africa book with our artists signing.

Art@Africa look forward to exhibiting the works of all their represented artists during the heat of the Cape Town Art Fair in order to draw attention to the exceptional talent South Africa has to offer. Art Fairs unite both local and international galleries and collectors, creating an economic platform for contemporary art.

This then results in growth of sales in the South African Market. The increasing talent exhibited from overseas is causing art fairs to become an international affair not just in terms of clients but also artists. Although this has its own merits and privileges, it is causing many incredible South African artists to be excluded from their own environment and this increased internationalism seems to be losing the local, inclusivity that other galleries still prioritise. 

At Art@Africa we want to share our passion for our wonderful country and our  divers art with the world and that only works by removing all barriers of intimidation. We encourage entirely local art and aim to support local communities in order to unlock talent in our country. In doing so, we are able to present more  attainable artwork with astonishing heart and soul. We believe that art belongs to everyone and we look to present artists who create honest, unpretentious works. 

Many of our works display an aspect of cultural, traditional identity and some combine this with the importance of technology in the modern day. South Africa is a country that is ever questioning its stereotypical identification and Art@Africa looks to present works that express this evolving idea as well as display the positivity associated with the cultural infusion of South Africa.

The evening will be accompanied by live music, a selection of artists talking about their work, wine and canapes as Art@Africa looks forward to introducing you to the works of these following artists: Andries Visser, Barney Bernardo, Caelyn Robertson, David Grissel, Eben Beukes, Gregg Price, Kara Schoeman, Kobus Walker, Kosie Thiart, Lauren Redman, Marke Meyer, Maureen Quinn and Talita Steyn. There will also be a book launch which is the premier book launch for Art@Africa. Our artists will be signing the first book produced by us. Over and above this artist Maureen Quin will be giving a live demonstration

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