Art@Africa is proud to present a solo exhibition by South African based artist, Kobus Walker.

For this exhibition, the artist will take viewers on a distinctive journey as he explores the common assumption that different people look at art from different perspectives.

The main focus of his latest exhibition is to look closely at the world that we live in and create dialogue between the viewer and the subject. Art has been used as a communication tool to create much needed conversations about society and the issues that we navigate on a daily basis.

Although everyone who will view the art will have an unalike outlook, this exhibition seeks to evoke a sense of familiarity, memory, sensation and emotion in all of us. Walker aims to reach an equilibrium where the adult and inner child can co-create and express a true passion for art with moments of mindfulness. He references a few big names like Rembrandt and da Vinci in his work and explores the combination of artwork from the past. He draws inspiration from the Pop Art movement, mostly referencing Andy Warhol’s brightly coloured paintings.

Walker takes these influences into his own contemporary interpretation, with a playful, sometimes tongue in cheek quality. Natural elements play an important part in his work and forms part of the the artist’s narrative. It is for this reason that he includes objects like birds, flowers and landscape in his work. Portrait studies by Tretchikoff and Pierneef have also played an important part in developing his own personal artistic style.

This body of work is a perfect amalgamation of different elements of life.

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