Darwin taught us that living creatures can only survive if they adapt to their changing environment. But with changes happening so quickly now, animals don’t have time to evolve and are going extinct. If the temperature in Africa rises by 5 degrees Celsius, elephants will go extinct. This is why I’m cloning them on a smaller scale. Sea water levels are on the rise, and we’ll soon be facing a shortage of drinking water. As global warming gets more aggravated and our climate destabilized there will be an increase in environmental disasters, loss of life and animal extinctions. The public needs to be kept informed and aware from the extraordinary unacceptable becoming the banal accepted to the fate of evolution’s tragic self-created fate.

Blue Dot in a nutshell is about the deterioration of the planet and our lack of actioning to preserve it as a mankind starting with one act of kindness from each human to restore and save our planet. Each day mankind is destroying the planet and it is our existence ultimately. So it is up to mankind - like Art@Africa’s artists alike - to save the planet and create environmental awareness of the fast deterioration.

Professor Mike Bruton, South Africa’s authority in Marine Biology and author of ‘When I was a fish’, amongst many other books, will speak about the importance of art in relation to creating awareness regarding environmental issues. Followed by the viewing pleasure of artworks by artists: Andries Visser, Barney Bernardo, Caelyn Robertson, David Griessel, Eben, Gregg Price, Kara Schoeman, Kobus Walker, Kosie Thiart, Lauren Redman, Marke Meyer, Maureen Quin, Talita Steyn and Valeria Talian.

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