Art@Africa creates immersive art experiences that elicit powerful emotions in its audience in their the gallery, situated in the Silo District of the Cape’s V&A Waterfront and a sculpture garden (Prive Perfume Workshops) located across the road from the iconic Huguenot Monument in the charming town of Franschhoek. Art@Africa’s founder and impresario, Dirk Durnez, has an impressive background of collaborating with artists on large-scale projects, including Epcot, Universal Studios, Sea World, Disney Paris, as well as edutainment centres, museums, and public art across the globe. Durnez’ keen eye for identifying exceptional art, coupled with his ability to nurture and mentor emerging artists, is what sets Art@Africa apart. By providing a platform for these emerging artists, and working closely with established artists, Art@Africa fosters a cross-pollination of South African talent. Through this approach, the gallery is able to showcase a diverse range of contemporary art and support the growth of the South African art scene. With 40 years of international experience in edutainment, themed construction, and architectural storytelling, Art@Africa brings a wealth of expertise to the table. In addition to helping clients, architects, developers, and interior designers select the perfect artworks for their projects, Art@Africa also provides valuable architectural and Imagineering advice. Additionally, when it comes to Large and Monumental Artworks, Art@Africa offers unparalleled engineering expertise to ensure that the final project is not only visually stunning but also structurally sound.

“With 40 years of international experience in edutainment, themed construction, and architectural storytelling, Art@Africa brings a wealth of expertise to the table.”

Recently, the owners Dirk and Kat Durnez transformed a section of their home into a Studio for Art Residencies, aptly named Kunye, which means “together” in Xhosa. The studio provides a space for young and emerging artists to hone their craft and receive guidance from Dirk. Dirk’s wife and co-founder, Kat states: “For many sculptors, accessing expensive materials and equipment needed to create their art is a challenge. At Kunye, we provide young and promising sculptors with a stocked and equipped studio, as well as Dirk’s invaluable assistance,40 years’ experience and knowhow, and ideas to help them establish a career in the arts.” Kunye is a testament to the Durnez’s commitment to fostering the growth of the South African art scene, even during challenging times. By providing resources and support, they are ensuring that the next generation of sculptors has the tools and knowledge they need to succeed. As a gallery that showcases the work of exclusively South African artists, Art@Africa is committed to celebrating the diversity of contemporary South African art. Dirk: “We reject the notion of the white cube gallery space that can be intimidating and exclusive to certain audiences. Whether it’s through our gallery spaces, sculpture garden, public art installations or art residencies, Art@ Africa has the experience and is dedicated to making art an inclusive and enjoyable experience for everyone.''

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