Artist Biography

South African based sculptor, Marco Olivier, specializes in creating spectacular life size bronze sculptures from the art foundry which he owns and runs. He and his talented team, some of whom have been working in the art foundry industry for more than 20 year, have combined their creative genius to bring about pieces that are unique, eye catching and spectacular.

The monumental size and supreme combination of natural elements and textures found in his work, along with the intimately drawn detail and craftsmanship, reflect the natural beauty seen in nature all around us. A kind of artistic beauty that echoes brilliance and speak volumes, shedding light on his exhilarating talent and ability to create magnificent works which overwhelm

and inspire. He draws his inspiration from the glory and magnificence reflected in the natural world and is fascinated by the intriguing interplay and combination of light, texture, and color.

Through his undeniable dedication and incredible devotion to achieving perfection and creating pieces that reflect his inner brilliance and creative ability, he was able to turn his ideas and inspirations into a reality that reflects his passion as an exceptional artist. Marco has proven himself in the art world as a highly respected artist with astounding talent and passion to create pieces that transcend excellence.


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