Gregg Price

Artist Biography

As a child Gregg soaked up the bright colours of comic books, particularly Tin Tin, Asterix, and the books by Dr Seuss. The graphic images in newspapers in the early 70’s led him to appreciate photojournalism, and the dramatic possibilities of black and white photography.

Gregg’s simple, distinguishable drawing style sprang to life after a trip through the high desert landscapes of New Mexico. The theatrical colours of the landscape, its earthy adobe and contrasting blue sky, had a mystical quality that seeped into his work from this point onwards.

His process of creation is simple and playful, open to chance and accident. Many of his drawings are spontaneous, with little or no reworking as he enjoys authentic expression, like that of calligraphy or a great photograph.

Literature, poetry, film, and art history have steadily informed Gregg’s understanding and working process. The influences of many great artists can be depicted in his style.

 Artist Statement

‘I have often rejected formal instruction, partly through my own fears and a mistrust in the system. Drawing was a private world and I was free to explore the boundaries of my imagination.’


Gregg Price

Gregg Price

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