03 Apr 2019 - 03 May 2019

I chose resin as the base for all my work, as it allows me to work in layers. It’s not an easy medium, it’s temperamental and constantly changing. It hardens fast, or not at all. Yet it allows me to capture the layers of emotions and feelings and then, when they set as I want them to, create in my art that moment in time when they all build on each other.


Go closer to the picture, see the texture, touch and feel it. You’ll feel the layers of my feelings and emotions, captured for all time in solid layers of colour in the resin I use.


These are the layers of emotion I put in my work. When one then goes to larger print and my feelings get magnified, the colours burst out and it comes even more alive.


It’s amazing now what it awakens, and the light it casts on my world.


Thanks for allowing me the space to show it off and letting it beautify your homes and personal spaces.



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Exhibition views

Some views of the exhibition