The Secret Lives of Women and Cats

07 Feb 2019 - 05 Mar 2019

Barney Bernardo has been painting for many years with oils and acrylics. He has recently been fascinated with the process of creating backgrounds of colour that play with movement. He expresses the histories of past events and memories through a vast collection of paintings. Bernardo takes his abstract, action painting style and combines it with concealed portraiture to create a secretive layer of meaning. However, in doing so he draws particular attention to the emotions and feelings of the event he is capturing. Bernardo reveals these images within a multi-layered surface of paint.The movement’s autonomous nature allows the images to emerge for Barney. He studies the colour of the kaleidoscope for days before allowing it to guide him with the images. Many images are hidden and only seen after studying the painting for some time. Each painting is composed from three metres away. By viewing and then moving in to help visualise and reveal the images therein. Each work is a colourful multi-layered painterly surface with the blurring of identities and portraiture.

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The Secret Lives of Women and Cats

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