18 Oct 2018 - 18 Nov 2018

"Have you ever felt like you are constantly being chased, so you live on a run but there's no finish line. This run  becomes a loop. Pace inconsistent But you know that if you run faster and increase your pace, you leave an enough of a gap for you to take a breather, a break for you to see everything you missed while running, things that matter, things that don't run. That's magic. But magic don't run and you gotta run, you being chased.


"IF IMMA BE BIPOLAR, I'D RATHER BE WHERE IT'S COLDER" is a body of work about Taki Mokoka's feelings, thoughts and emotions, his imbalance and the opposite extremes. He has created this body of work inspired by his struggles, things that has affected his joy and victories. He loves the idea of designing from function, but design not to function. the body of work is very much sculptural, in a variety of mixed media. 


Taki Mokoka likes to view himself as a multi-discplinary visual artist and designer, who specilalises in pop-art. So it is only natural to convey whatever message he might have though elements of popular culture mixedmedia. The story of Snow White is more than an element he have chosen to tell his story, its chosen him, it is his story, it's our  story. A way to symbolise his comimg to age, his therapy if you will, to understand that  everything that has happened,that is happening, that has changed him, could be a tool and point of reference to grow from to better himself and hopefully fulfill his vision, just like Walter Disney

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