06 Jun 2019 - 05 Jul 2019

Beukes unbelievable talent came about in 2017, after never having time for art during his school career. A couple of hip operations led to him spending much of his time in bed allowing him time to finally express through drawing. He created his first hyper realistic drawing in 2018 and it is evident from his work and the short period of time he has been practicing art that Beukes holds a natural talent for capturing light and emotion.


The talent and control of Beukes drawings place him at the forefront of emerging artists looking to capture the link between the natural world and mankind. His work manifests a deep understanding of the impact humans and the world have on each other and the ever-present effect this has on future and past generations. Beukes, born in Cape Town and at the inspiring age of 20, uses his exceptional skills in hyper-realism to translate and resonate the idea of identity and nature being intrinsically intertwined within the people of South Africa.


Beukes displayed series of work pays close attention to the weathering of hands with elements of surrealism. His work encompasses the themes of time, memory and tradition and works to present these aspects in realistic depiction.

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Exhibition views

Some views of the exhibition