Artist Biography

Niki McQueen is a self-taught artist, graphic designer and communications coordinator, with a background in Marine Biology.
As our country went into lockdown in March 2020 and the COVID pandemic swept the globe, she rediscovered and developed an old technique of making art using solvent printing and mixed media that she learned at school.
Under the psychological and emotional pressure of a world gone mad, she found a way of staying sane through making art. It has been and continues to be a prolific expression of years of unsaid words and unthought thoughts.
She has always been drawn to the places and spaces beyond the mundane, and she draws inspiration from surrealism and magical realism. Themes in her work encompass psychology, fairy tales, whimsy, humour and the macabre. She uses stock and hand-drawn images to create compositions which express her fascination with science, anatomy, biology and the human mind. Every work tells a story, be it personal or magical – the viewer is invited to explore meaning in their own interpretation of the work.

Artist Statement

“Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.”




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