Lauren Redman

Artist Biography

Lauren began her creative journey during her school years at Springfield where art was by far her favourite subject. She studied Graphic Design at the AAA School of Advertising and soon moved on to photography.

Lauren states that noticing and absorbing the beauty around her has always affected her deeply, and she desires to capture and share that in her work. Through photography she developed an eye for light and detail, which in 2014, when she dived into art full time, became invaluable tools.

From the start she focused on charcoal and pastel as her main mediums, but this year has begun using oil paint to create beautifully toned, composed and emotive works. Her primary series focused on the idea that the adoption of technology is slowly creeping into every corner of the globe, creating art that questioned how this affects traditions and authentic cultures.

Artist Statement

‘The value of an art piece is not the sum of time taken to create it, nor the materials used. It is the thousands of hours spent refining a craft, learning, experimenting and practicing that lead to the piece before you.’ – Untitled


Lauren Redman
Lauren Redman
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