Kosie Thiart

Artist Biography

Kosie is a Hermanus-based artist who obtained his BA (Fine Arts) degree at UFS, where he specialised in large-scale charcoal drawings. As a child, he practiced drawing with his sister while she was studying medicine. Her textbook illustrations fascinated him, especially the works of Frank H. Netter. Like textbook Illustrations, Kosie uses art to convey information.

Having grown up next to the sea, near mountains and estuaries his love for nature grew tremendously. Kosie’s preferred medium is charcoal which he uses for drawings of natural objects, including the dead animals, insects and fossils he collects. The painstaking detail in his work reflects the high degree of structure and assembly that characterise living creatures.

In his work he celebrates romanticist ideals as he honours the primitive, irrational and archaic. He longs for a reunification with nature and his art contains traces of lost worlds, ruins and idealistic childhood notions of feeling and imagination.

Artist Statement

‘The concrete is a thoroughly metaphysical concept, it is the most abstract we have and only makes sense in relation to thinking, speaking subjects. I wish to portray matter as evanescent and ever-changing in appearance rather than hard, uniform mass.’


Kosie Thiart

Kosie Thiart

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