William Olivier


William has been practicing art since a young age by drawing portraits of people and have completed a couple of paintings. He wanted to obtain an official art education after completing matric, but his future was decided for him, when he obtained a bursary from a major steel manufacturer, to study mechanical engineering. During his studies he kept his creative side alive by making jewellery and selling it to students.


Not having much time to practice art for the next 20 years, he decided it was time again to invest in his art. In June 2016 he discovered his talent for creating sculptures during a ceramic and sculpture workshop. He has since embarked on a journey to develop his hidden talent to transform clay into a sculpture. His engineering background enables him to experiment with different approaches and ideas to create more complex sculptures. His sculptures created to date are available in bronze, resin and fired ceramic clay.

William works currently as a consulting process analyst. His future plan is to develop his artistic skills, using different mediums, to produce art than can be shared with like-minded people.

William Olivier