Sue Opperman


Su Opperman is a multi-disciplinary artist whose focus rests predominantly on painting as a form of gestural expression and underground comic art as a unique aesthetic tool through which to question current South African society. A love of comics is what first inspired her to explore other art making processes as alternative ways to convey meaning and aspects of story. After receiving her BA in Fine Arts from NMMU, she went on to finish her MA at Stellenbosch University in the field of Stream Illustration. She has participated in variety exhibitions and residencies, ranging from Absa l’atelier and the Wits Art Museum to the Kunsthal Light Project. 


From a young age, I’ve harboured a deep-seated fascination with comics, which led me to pursue a career in the arts. A comic book combines two of my favourite things, words and images. This dual aesthetic forms the back bone of my art making process. Currently, I’m a freelance artist, illustrator and cartoonist. Aside from that I’m also employed by the CCIBA (Center of Comics and Illustrative Book Arts), which is an NPO that is affiliated with the University of Stellenbosch. Our aim at the CCIBA is the development and support of SA comic and book art. We do this through hosting workshops, seminars, publications, exhibitions and artist exchange. Recently, I’ve been placed on the organisational committee for Open Books Comics Fest, alongside Frankie Murrey and Moray Rhoda. Comics Fest has become the seminal South African Comics Event, spanning from a marketplace to workshops and discussions,  all occurring parallel to the Open Book Literary Festival. Exciting times!



Sue Opperman