Seth Falconer

Art is a journey into the subconscious. Creating sculptures allows me to explore my own assumptions as well as those presented by society. My work manifests the shadow side of common stereotypes, and draws the unseen and marginalized into the light. 

I find inspiration in a life well and deeply lived. All experiences hold value and the potential to learn more about ourselves. I collect up impressions, musings, and snapshots from my ordinary adventures and patch them together to create forms of offbeat beauty. Sculpting both sates and stirs me as it brings me to the place where precision and playfulness meet. 
I am fascinated by the physical forms of art-making, which features in the appeal of bronze sculpture to me as an artist. The ever-changing challenges of lost-wax casting provoke me to question how and why art is made. 
My studio is located within the creative hub of the Falconer Art Studios in the Kwazulu-Natal Midlands in South Africa. Here I work, learn, and create alongside a busy group of artists, learners, workers, and creators, including my four-year-old daughter and baby boy. 

Seth Falconer

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