Ronit Judelman


Of Polish Jewish origin, born in Paris, France, Ronit Judelman always stood out as ‘the artist’ at an academic primary and high school. She later embarked on an artistic career (architectural and product design) at Betzalel Academy of Arts in Jerusalem where she completed the introductory year. Subsequently, she pursued an academic career in Psychology in Johannesburg, South Africa where she currently resides: working, studying and making frequent trips to Israel, her original home.


Judelman’s connection with art (in the form of informal painting, art workshops and, art teaching) persisted throughout the years of her academic studies to become first, an educational psychologist (M.A degree with an internship in a school for children with learning disabilities), and second a clinical psychologist (M.A. with an internship in a mental hospital); as well as running a busy private practice in psychology. Approximately eight years ago, art once again took centre stage Judelman’s life. Subsequently, she enrolled for a B.V.A (Bachelor in Visual Arts), a four year degree at the University of South Africa. On completion of her studies she received the Top Visual Arts Student Award (2010).
As a multi-dimensional artist, she works in a variety of media. An idea and a theme usually dictate the choice of the medium. She uses acrylic, enamel, and oil paint on canvas as well as perspex, resin and found objects to create her sculptures.
Judelman’s preoccupation with transparent material reflects the paradoxical nature of a society, which purports ‘to show and tell’ while operating on the psycho-analytical principle of ‘things ain’t what they seem’.
The artist’s present works are conceptual as they are informed by the insights she acquired in her life experience and the years of practice as a clinical and educational psychologist. The works deliver social comment on contemporary lifestyle and on contemporary values.

Ronit Judelman