Rachel Goosen


I am a graduate from the University of South Africa. Exhibiting locally and internationally.  My work consists mainly of multiples in both ceramics and drawings on paper making references to arts own artificiality, my current work deals with the use of repetitive forms within an installation context and usually exhibited as such. When these very works are then placed individually, in a different context, one can disregard the initial story that I tell in order to celebrate and find a new "use" for an already existing work or form.  In 2013 I won the "Talks by Artists" award in South Korea and attend their 7th Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale which included the participation in a Mentoring Camp with ceramist Li Xiaofeng (China) for the month October.  


I work with childhood memories and everyday current events, using techniques of layering, revealing and disintegration.   The key reason I work with chilhood toys/dolls/puppets is because the space of childhood is marked by open-endedness, a freedom of discovery with unfixed meaning.   Within the realm of childhood there is not yet an absolute - anything is possible and it is within this context that I place my current work. 


Rachel Goosen

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