Nathalie Moens


Besides my studies and DJin I am an Artist. I sculpt; paint and draw. I worked under Stephen Rautenbach for almost a year in 2006 and learned a lot of my sculpting skills from him.

I have my work exhibited at Everard Reeds in Cape Town and Johannesburg, Le Grand Provence and Is Art in Franschhoek and the Dorp Street Gallery in Stellenbosch. My sculptures are of female figures, deconstructed in different shapes and sizes and have angelic qualities like wings. The female figure is something that has always fascinated me. The way woman have different curves in different places and how there is beauty in every curve, big or small. My work isn´t bigger than a good 40 cm in height. I feel within this size it keeps its subtlety and finesse.


In all of my work I am very inspired by the female body and all its shapes and sizes and textures. The easiest instrument to work with, is the one you already have. Hence the female body. I enjoy working partly abstract but, still want the pieces to be in proportion. I like to leave something for the viewer to fill in. Vulnerability, sensitivity, femininity with a bit of rebellion.


Nathalie Moens