May Wentworth


May Wentworth was born on 28 April 1965 in Pretoria, South Africa. She studied Fine Arts at the Tshwane University of Technology where she majored in painting.  In 2009 she was invited to join The Superstroke Art Movement by its  founder, Conrad Bo and later moved on to his Superblur Art Movement. She currently lives and works in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her work is in private collections from Johannesburg to Sydney, New York, California and London.


May Wentworth explores a new form of surrealism informed by her own dreamlike vision, influenced by black and white European Cinema of the fifties and sixties, and various figurative artists working since the second world war. She wishes to evoke a narrative in the viewer, a desire to tell their own story. The faces are often obscured, and often distorted.  There is an underlying commentary on our contemporary world: the use of the barcode to signify the commodification of the self and nightmarish portraits hinting at despotic leaders  and greedy corporate figureheads.

Some of the work juxtaposes the nightmarish with the comic, making fun of its own seriousness. Colours range from soft pastels to bold reds, always interlinked to the textures of the paint and the narrative

May Wentworth

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28 Jul 2019

Written by Nadine Froneman (MFA)

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