Maureen Quin


Maureen Quin is an artist who expresses a unique sensitivity in form as well as energy for life through her sculptures. Her work is characterized by its dynamic quality and communicates successfully with its surrounding space."


Sculpture is my passion. It’s an extension of myself, reflecting my thoughts, my loves, hates joys and fears. Whether I’m involved in representational wildlife studies, realistic figure studies or abstractions, I put my heart and soul into it.
Each sculpture is an exciting journey. Starting with a vague concept, sketching it to achieve a visual form, building the armature, fleshing it out and having it cast in bronze are the elements which ultimately are to me the most rewarding and satisfying. In the process I use my talents, experience and my gut feelings to guide me until I’m satisfied within myself that the sculptural form I’ve created, moves in space and is in harmony with my vision.
In my career as a sculptor I’ve used the human figure extensively. In many studies I endeavor to capture the rapport between humans and the animal kingdom by combining the two to create sculptures that are uniquely my own abstract expressive approach. Creating and searching for the ultimate realization of my vision is the fulfillment of my life.

Maureen Quin

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Post Paris: Rediscovering Africa

Post Paris: Rediscovering Africa

Maureen Quin
Articles, News, About Artist, Blog
01 Mar 2019

Written by Briony Haynes, BA Hons English Literature and History of Art

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The latest from Art@Africa

Maureen Quin Solo Exhibition - Post Paris: Rediscovering Africa

Maureen Quin Solo Exhibition - Post Paris: Rediscovering Africa

Maureen Quin
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