Marius Lourens

For Marius, a Ducth Reformed Church minister, art is a way of living, it comes very easily.  I  like to take my pencil and brush on an excursion and draw and paint what I feel… not what I see… on a playful manner! The world is to serious! It is about the subject you paint, but going beyond, not what the eye see, but what life means to you… and to catch the moment. Therefore your work will depict feelings and emotions to help people look more closely and think… and laugh.

 Marius agrees with the Austrian artist Hundertwasser in saying: “Only creativity brings us close to heaven: Only those who think and live creatively will survive this life and the hereafter. The colourful, the abundant, the manifold, is always better than mediocrity and uniformity”

 “When I take my pencil on an excursion… some of the images become paintings, others lazer cut steel sculptures and other just a moment in time. I hope you will enjoy my playground.”.

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Marius Lourens