Marike Kleynscheldt


Marike Kleynscheldt is a self-taught artist from Durbanville, specialising in realistic acrylic still life.

Since her solo exhibition in 2008 she has taken part in numerous group shows, curated exhibitions and auctions. She has had feature articles in Acrylic Artist Magazine - New York, Summer edition 2014 - and The South African Artist - Issue 17, 2014 - and a 2016 radio interview with Christelle Webb-Joubert on RSG - Kuns.

Her subject matter has expanded from sentimental still lifes to complex compositions, creating a deeper narrative for the viewer as well as a slightly more telling portrait of the artist herself.

Kleynscheldt is fascinated by fables, mythos, superstitions and legends, and she uses these to imbue her everyday objects with depth and whimsy. Her aim is to create tableaus that please the eye, and give the viewer layers of detail as well as layers of meaning to delve into. Ultimately this shared 'story' and understanding, like a shared sentiment creates a connection between the painting and the viewer, and as such a conversation of sorts between the viewer and the artist.


We use stories to escape reality or to understand it. To put children to bed, to soothe, to teach, to warn; through the use of fables, folklore, mythology. I tell stories using allegorical still life, to investigate my personal struggles, to poke fun, to steer thoughts in different directions. I'm compelled to make paintings that have weight and narrative in order to form a connection between the painting and the viewer, and in doing so start a conversation between the viewer 







Marike Kleynscheldt