Leona Sykes

Leona Skye was born the eldest of three children in 1968. Her father was a pencil and ink surrealist artist, and her mother a pastels, ink, oil and acrylic realism painter.

Leona followed her parents' different techniques eventually finding her own style at the age of 17, with emotionally attached pieces representing the here and now - the you and me connections.

"I found my works were greater with a live character personality" which soon escalated into touch and energy paintings. "What I do is to ask you to hold my hands as I feel the deepness of your energies through colours, from there I paint - I have no idea what the canvas will bring to light. I just paint. Every piece is different."

Leona's works are being displayed worldwide: a hand painted drum in a Native themed museum in Scotland; a large piece displayed in Queens Park, Toronto; a large piece at Kahurangi Dance Studio, New Zealand and Indonesia; and pieces in Japan, Switzerland, England, Florida, Utah and California.

"Most of my paintings are usually sold before completion, and are directly and completely all my emotions."

A strong Native vibe, completed with the pure feminine energies, is what draws hundreds of people yearly to view her works, with a large fan base growing daily. Every piece has a story, every colour a meaning, every stroke a touch.

Surrounded by a strong artist community, she shares in live art shows with some of southern Ontario, Canada, and the world's most recognized artists, continually growing and creating with the support of her peers and community

Fashion and textile design, Milan, Italy.


Leona Sykes

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