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I began my creative journey during my school years at Springfield where art was by far my favourite subject. I studied Graphic Design at the AAA School of Advertising and soon moved on to photography. Noticing and absorbing the beauty around me has always affected me deeply, and I wanted to capture and share that. Through photography I developed an eye for light and detail, which in 2014, when I dived into art full time, became invaluable tools. From the start I focused on charcoal and pastel as my main mediums but this year have begun using oil paint as well. 


I was inspired to render the charcoal drawing 'Truth' because of the contrasting combination of vulnerability and strength that emanates from this little boy. He seems young and unsure, yet behind that I feel that there is a warrior in his heart that he will soon grow into. The original photograph was taken by Stephen Goethals in Ethiopia. (I did get his permission but he asked in return that I credit him as photographer).

Inspiration for the series Tr(addition):

This series features African tribal people wearing items of pop culture, to open a dialog on two subjects. The first one being the overstated value that we attach to popular brands, and the subsequent need we develop to own them. When viewed in an African context this obsession seems mad. Those who live off the land value things because of their authentic purpose - a scarf will keep you warm regardless of whether it represents a high end brand or not. Likewise, they express creativity by adorning themselves with the items from nature because they are beautiful, not because of how much they cost. The items in the paintings may not stand out at first. The reason for this is the second subject -the adoption of modern culture and technology as it slowly creeps into every corner of the globe.  Does it result in the loss of old traditions? Can one adopt modern conveniences without the attached society and culture? Can Africa merge the old and the new successfully?

Lauren Redman

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