Kobus La Grange


Kobus  was born in 1982 in Viljoenskroon, South Africa.  After school, in 2001, he went to study  Fine and Applied art at TUT in Pretoria,majoring in sculpture and ceramics. In 2006 he moves to CapeTown to set up a foundry with sculptor Egon Tania, assisting him on various large projects around CapeTown.Together they run the 4G8 Foundry.  From 2008 onward Kobus regularly exhibits work in group shows.

His work focusses on the human figure, often making groups of interrelating figures partaking in an open ended narrative.  He explores psychological states and mood through the body-language (Afr. ‘houding’) of the characters.  Social and class issues are dealt with in humorous and compassionate ways in these installations.

Kobus is a prolific and versatile creator who has turned to Bronze casting, welded steel, ceramics and fire-sculpture   as modes of creative output. He remains however most strongly attached to the tradition of wood carving.

His work has found home in Private Collections in South Africa, Sweden, Finland, Turkey , the United Kingdom, the United  States ,Germany ,Lichtenstein ,Finland, the Netherlands and Belgium.


I make work as a way of recording memory and particularly as a way of capturing mood or a psychological state and sharing it with the viewer.

I explore how humans relate to one another. This springs from being interested in how the structures that organise society give people their designated place and how change affects these places.

This I do by carving figures in wood and making installations where there is an inter-play between the works.

When making the Column works I carve the sculptures directly out of Square beams, the remaining beam functions as the plinth of the sculpture. The plinths are of differing heights to communicate differences between the figures.Occasionally abstract elements are juxtaposed against the figures to highlight these differences or act as narrative elements.




Kobus La Grange