Kealeboga Tlalang was born in the North West province from a small village called Gopane, in the year 1991. His love for art developed around 1998 from watching his uncle Utukile Lucas Tlalang, who is also an artist. Kealeboga used to draw pictures for his school mates and teachers to buy launch since the parent didn’t have enough money. During school days he felt in love with something else; numbers of which he was very good at. Completed matric at Ramotshere High School and gotten a sponsor to pursue his studies to become mathematician.

He then moved to Johannesburg from Zeerust in 2012 to study mathematical science at the University of Johannesburg. Second year at varsity Kealeboga felt incomplete, the love for art was taking over and started thinking if he made wrong career choice. That very same year he knew something had to be done, either continue with mathematics or do art regardless of both giving him fulfillment he had to choose one.

Art became an ultimate answer because he is able to combine the two. Joined the Living Artist Emporium platform where he developed his signature style of collage. He got the recognition of which made few magazine features, television interviews, art fairs and his first sold out solo show in the United States with Juxtaposition Arts Gallery year 2018. Kealeboga is now having his own studio in the CBD of Johannesburg where he is currently working.


Kealeboga Tlalang is South African artist specializing in cutting edge collage portraitures, analytical by nature Kealeboga uses collage which he links to puzzle play as a way of synthesizing his love for mathematics, science and art.

Tlalang`s self professed focus is on human expression and the tendency of a face to tell so much. The colorful portraits and figures speak to the vibrancy of people with all their fascinating color and movement, are not only more eye-catching than their textual fragmented background (perhaps representative of the world and all its background noise?).  Art for him is like listening to a good song, writing a book or telling stories about himself and those around him. Most of his works are inspired by Tswana people where he origins from the North West Province. Their culture, behavior, lifestyle and their individual challenges. Rainbow colors in his work represent unity, love and beauty.

Artworks look digitally produced because each larger-than-life faces. Tlalang depicts is made up of tiny squares and rectangles of color, their hair matte black, their expressions brimming with realism. In real life, however, it`s striking to discover that each portrait is actually mostly made up of small pieces of paper, layered with a striking precision that creates a subtle effect. When looking at them close up, each work is a rainbow, full of texture. Take several steps back and each work is glossy with rich shadows and highlights, smooth contours.


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