Judy Wepener


I am a self - taught potrait artist living in Cape Town, South Africa. My interest in portraiture surfaced as a young child. Art was not taught at my school but taken up in 2009 when i discovered a natural affinity for the medium of charcoal on paper with the use of light and shadow.

I've always had a fascination for the human face, taking a great pleasure in capturing the essence of the spirit/soul, focussing on the eyes. 

After visiting Florence i had a deep desire to sculpt which eventually led to the discovery of the fabulous medium of clay, a medium through which i have been developing my style through experimentation.


My world of art has been a wonderful journey of self - discovery, expression and growth which has been therapeutic and emotionally fulfilling. 

Exhibition : Ceramics South Africa, Stephen Welz & Co, Alphen Estate, Cape Town, 5th to 11th November 2017.


Judy Wepener

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