Izanne Wiid


Izanne Wiid obtained her BA (Hons) in Fine Art at the Faculty of Art and Design at the Manchester Metropolitan University in 2008. The subject of her dissertation in partial fulfilment for her degree was: “A transgressive, subjective, erotic journey of the flesh in sacrifice and love.”
Working with found objects and raw materials, such as iron, rock, granite and marble, as well as wood, wax and resin, is at once as self-serving, medicinal and inspiring, as is the appreciation of the ultimate final art object.
The sensuality of admiring art is at the origin of our collective creative memory. The instinctive recognition of the barbaric, animalistic within the stripped potential of the object of her artwork(s) can unwittingly open a floodgate of unbridled and rampant “sense-ual” experiences.
And what is not to be admired through want of touch alone, of Izanne Wiid’s work. This artist does not try to explain, symbolise or translate anything through and by her art.
Her love of life as the cycle in its entirety, her observation and understanding of nature and the passion of her spirit, do not influence her to try to interpret and portray; it merely represents as it is presented.
Pure, raw, energetic, uncompromising, intrepid, never tactile in approach. She speaks as she is spoken to, she gives what has been given unto her, neither apology, translation or censorship can be expected.


Her sculptures inspire the urge to explore and savour the inherent taboo of reaching out and engaging, the daring thrill of claiming a piece for the personal experience: unfettered self-indulgence.
Stimulating, provoking, never ever dull…

Izanne Wiid