Gregg Price


My art began with pen line drawings, and through the years I have branched out into various mediums. I paint with gouache on paper, use photography and have also worked with handbuilt ceramics. I have designed homeware products, and gererated my designs using silkscreens.
my art has been included in many group shows, and I have also had solo exhibitions. I like my work to be spontaneous with little reworking, employing the creative inventions of chance and accident. I like the raw quality of authentic expression. 


Sculptor, painter and illustrator, Price’s naïve drawing technique and style is influenced by his travels through the high desert landscapes of New Mexico. In South Africa, he finds inspiration in the landscape of Karoo.
Price sees forms in his drawings as sculptural; his perspective is informed by his experience gained in the construction industry. As a competitive swimmer and coach, Price also explores the fluid nature of water. The movement and flow of drawing, has parallels in the activity of swimming.

“Connecting with the senses and the use of fine attention leads to a contemplative state of being. This connection and experience is reflected in my work”




Gregg Price

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