Gordon Froud


(born 1963 in Johannesburg is a South African artist and curator). Froud's work has been showcased in hundreds of exhibitions throughout South Africa and the world, and he has served as a judge for several national art competitions. He has been the recipient of numerous awards including a Merit Award for Sculpture in the 1988 New Signatures Competition and an ABSA Gold Medal for contribution to the arts in 2005.Froud has also spent many years working as an art educator at both the secondary and tertiary level in London and South Africa.Perhaps known best for his use of found and untraditional materials in his sculptures.


Froud attempts to explore the human condition in his work, particularly with regard to DNA, babies, genetics, bacteria, viruses and self-portraits.He currently balances his art practice and curation with running his own Gordart Gallery, which focuses on developing previously little-known artists.

Gordon Froud

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