Glen Cook


Glen Cook, born 1988, studied Product Design at the Cape Town University of Technology. 


Growing up north of Cape Town in a small coastal community, was introduced to art at a young age and encouraged to create. 


My inspirations draw from the works of Ralph Steadman, his dark illustrations, eclectic style saturated with psychedelic themes. South African artist William Kentridge and his mastery of mix medium use. Canadian artist Alex Garant with her expression of mental health issues. 


The disc series are based off sound and brainwaves, trying to elicit a psychedelic experience in the viewer. The mechanical process in which they are created forms part of the art piece, a reflection of our interaction with the digital and analog world. 


My abstract portraits are created to convey a feeling or emotion in the viewer, the faces obscured as to let the viewer come to their own internal conclusion, a self reflection. This mimics life where we often mask our own feelings. They portray the daily mental battles one has with ones self, from dark to light.  

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