Gavin Risi


Having completed a diploma in Fine Art at Durban Technikon in 1982, studying under Penny Siopis and Andries Botha, Gavin Risi went on to enroll at the Byam Shaw School of Art in London in 1983.

Risi then spent the next seven years studying the artworks in the prestigious galleries and museums of London, Florence, Rome, Madrid, Barcelona, Montreal, Belfast, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Amsterdam, New York and Washington.

Soon after returning to South Africa, Risi held his first solo exhibition, entitled 'The Introspective Mirror', which was sponsored by BMW at the Auto Atlantic Art Gallery Cape Town. He has since gone on to exhibit extensively both locally and internationally.


Risi specialises in painting, sculpture and collage and is well-known for his largescale works in all three mediums.

Of his 2D works, Risi says that "space is repeatedly mixed or wrapped together so that it does not rest, it is also being pushed back and brought forward to an extreme. A harmless form of extremism, that when placed as close to each other as possible, different elements often interchange and bounce, opening a form of indecisive space. The illusion of the reality is born out of its self, and as it is not recognisable in our immediate visual vocabulary, it searches to interpret compatible forms that when ready to be understood solidify and become visions when you least expect them to".

Gavin Risi

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