Etienne De Kock


Etienne is constantly pushing the boundaries and defining what is understood as interactive fine art. His fascination with the fourth-dimension of movement and time is formative in his work. This awareness of our existential boundaries comes down to an appreciation for the present and the multifarious threads of the yet untold future – what might happen and how can we manipulate it. To this end, Etienne is constantly absorbed in his own cognition, pondering ways in which to engage with the space surrounding us.


"I am attempting to make objects of beauty and contemplation and also to build forms that are capable of unpredictablity. Movement is compelling. People are drawn to unpredictable movement. My sculptures move, often manipulated by the viewer, and in this way, both movement and random human intervention become employed as “material” in the work”.

Etienne De Kock

Selected Works

The latest work from this artist.

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